As your wedding approaches, there are a few day-of details to plan ahead for a stress-free experience. A checklist of what to pack will help keep you well-coordinated and relaxed for the big day. Read ahead for tips on what to include in a packing list for wedding day efficiency, from getting ready to your overnight bag. 

Here’s what you need to pack for your wedding

Whether you’re having a local or destination wedding, you’ll need to pack some essentials for your special day. Use a spreadsheet or a special themed checklist to keep your packing list organized, so you can double-check all the little details along the way. And don’t forget to list who’s in charge of getting every item to the venue, whether that’s someone in your wedding party, a relative, or you’re bringing the item yourself.

That way you can focus on the important part — enjoying the happiest day of your life. Here’s what to expect for each phase of your wedding and what you need to keep everything running smoothly. 

Green Gables Bridal Suite (Left), Ethereal Gardens invitations (Right)

Green Gables Bridal Suite (Left), Ethereal Gardens invitations (Right)

Getting ready

While the ceremony may be the main event, there’s still a lot to remember in the hours leading up to it. You’re getting ready to dazzle in your wedding outfit and enjoying quality time with your wedding party. And of course, this part of the day is where you get into the right mindset to make your vows. Planning your list of supplies well ahead makes it much easier to have a peaceful wedding morning. 

You’ll want a comfortable outfit to primp and prep in, and if you’re taking ‘before’ photos, make sure your ensemble is camera friendly. Keep essential supplies handy as well, so you can stay relaxed and organized. And don’t forget, there may be a few last minute loose ends to tie up with vendors. Here’s everything you need for your wedding morning. 

  • A stylish and comfy getting-ready outfit
  • A full itinerary of the wedding with vendor contact details
  • Cash for tips and final vendor fees
  • Gifts to thank the wedding parties
  • A laptop or wireless speakers for your getting ready playlist
  • Your signature scent, if you wear perfume or cologne
  • Extra nail polish, make up, and hair styling tools for touch ups
  • Sunblock if your ceremony or reception are outdoors
  • Deodorant and any other toiletries you might need
  • Pen and paper in case you need to write something down 
  • Water and snacks, if they’re not provided by the venue
  • A wedding day emergency kit
  • Your smartphone and a smartphone charger
  • Portable power pack to charge your phone
Ethereal Gardens Starlit Lawn (Left), Tivoli "Tesoro Di Tivoli" (Right)

Ethereal Gardens Starlit Lawn (Left), Tivoli “Tesoro Di Tivoli” (Right)


Now it’s time to pack everything you need for actually walking down the aisle. In addition to your wedding outfit and accessories, your checklist should include any other details needed for your dream ceremony. This is where you can set a reminder to bring petals for the flower girl, or any traditional family items that have been passed down. These are all of the things you’ll need for a ceremony that will feel like a happily ever after. 

  • Your steamed and pressed wedding outfit in a protective garment bag
  • The wedding rings, marriage license, and any other legal paperwork
  • A copy of your vows if you’ve decided to write them yourself
  • Objects needed for the ceremony
  • Wedding shoes
  • Wedding outfit accessories such as veil, jewelry, pocket squares, or cuff-links
  • The undergarments for your wedding outfit
  • Fashion tape, if your outfit requires it
  • A stain remover pen for any last minute clean ups
  • Lint roller
  • Gum or mints


You’ve said “I do” and now it’s time to celebrate with your loved ones. Your wedding packing list should include any necessary reception supplies, as well as whatever you need to be comfortable on the dance floor. If you’ve picked out a second outfit to show off at the reception, make sure to include it in your packing list as well. These are the items to remember for a flawless reception that you and your guests will talk about for years to come. 

  • Comfortable dancing shoes
  • Reception outfit (if applicable)
  • Cake topper and cake knife if you’re having a cake cutting ceremony
  • Card box for wedding gifts
  • Copy of the seating chart
  • Wedding favors, if you cannot deliver to the venue ahead of time
  • DIY items and signs you plan to use at the reception
  • A guestbook and pens
  • A small clutch or purse to carry items like tissues
  • A pocket mirror and lipstick for touch ups after dinner
Tivoli Piazza (Left), Tivoli Bridal Suite (Right)

Tivoli Piazza (Left), Tivoli Bridal Suite (Right)

Going away

The festivities are winding down and your guests are ready to wish you well and send you off into your new life. You’ll want to have a change of clothes, as well as a few other things for traveling to the hotel or your destination for the wedding night. Some couples may also choose to keep the good times rolling with an afterparty. In that case, you may want to add whatever you’ll need at the next location to your list. Here’s what to pack for an easy end to a perfect day. 

  • A change of outfit if you’re changing for the afterparty
  • A change of shoes
  • Extra socks
  • A coat or warm jacket depending on the weather
  • A water bottle
  • Bags or boxes to transport your wedding gifts

Overnight bag

Finally, you’ll want to pack for the wedding night. Keep your overnight bag separate from the rest of your wedding day items to keep everything streamlined. Unless you had a destination wedding, or are leaving for your honeymoon immediately the next morning, this list doesn’t need to be too long. If you’re staying in a hotel, amenities may be provided, but it’s a good idea to pack your nighttime essentials just in case. Here are all the necessities you’ll need at the end of the night. 

  • Nightwear
  • Pajamas
  • Slippers
  • A change of clothes and shoes for the next morning
  • Makeup remover wipes, or face wash and cotton balls
  • Moisturizer and lotion
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and any other toiletries
  • Menstrual supplies, if needed
  • Glasses and/or contacts and contact solution
  • Sleep mask or ear plugs
  • Extra deodorant
  • Anything else you’ll need in the morning

Prepare for your wedding day with Trademark Venues

The more you plan ahead, the more your fairytale wedding is likely to go off without a hitch. Writing a thorough wedding day packing list can keep things running smoothly when the moment finally arrives. If you need help with any other details, Trademark Venues is here to assist. With unique handcrafted wedding packages, Trademark has all of the resources you need to host the celebration you’ve always wished for. Your perfect event is within reach.


Tivoli Bridal Suite

Tivoli Bridal Suite