A Complete Wedding Emergency Kit Checklist

Your wedding day is finally here! After spending so long finalizing flower arrangements, catering menus, and finding the perfect decor, everything seems to be in place. As you slip on your wedding gown one last time before you walk down the aisle, you hear a small rip as the seam tears.

At first, worry may set in – what do you do now, with maybe an hour or two remaining until your dress’s debut? Then, you remember that your maid of honor packed a wedding emergency kit with sewing supplies and plenty of other essentials to handle emergencies of all sizes on this special day. Within minutes, you’re back on track and ready to marry the love of your life. Read on to discover why every bride needs a wedding emergency kit and what to pack in yours.

What you’ll learn in this guide

  1. Why do you need a wedding emergency kit?
  2. How big should a wedding emergency kit be?
  3. Who should put together your wedding emergency kit?
  4. Your wedding emergency kit: A complete checklist
  5. What about pre-made wedding emergency kits?
  6. A bit of advice

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Why do you need a wedding emergency kit?

A wedding emergency kit – sometimes called a bridal emergency kit or a wedding survival kit – is a bag filled with supplies you may need during your beautiful wedding. Extra makeup, toiletries, and aspirin are some of the items that make their way into a wedding day emergency kit. 

Everyone should have a wedding survival kit just in case the unexpected strikes on their big day. If someone spilled a little red wine on the groom’s suit, you’ll need a few stain remover pens to help remove the blotch. If the couple needs a few dollars to tip a vendor at the end of the night, that cash makes its way into the kit as well. Your wedding emergency kit has everything you need for these situations so you can handle them with ease.

How big should a wedding emergency kit be?

A wedding day emergency kit is typically the size of a small makeup bag, but you may find larger bags or baskets that contain more items. Ideally, your kit should be large enough to fit all your essentials but shouldn’t be so oversized that it’s a pain to carry around. The final size depends on your needs!


Who should put together your wedding emergency kit?

It typically doesn’t matter who puts together the wedding emergency kit – sometimes it’s the bride, a family member, or someone in the wedding party. However, the maid of honor or a trusted friend or family member often takes over this role. 

Your wedding emergency kit: A complete checklist

This checklist covers items large and small that you may want to consider adding to your wedding emergency bag.

Bigger items for your wedding emergency kit

  •     Makeup. You may want to add some touchup items like setting spray, concealer, and powder to your emergency kit so your makeup stays all night. Makeup artists may also provide you with a sample vial of lip color to reapply after the ceremony and throughout the night. Better yet, select your own lip color before your wedding day and stash some in the wedding emergency kit
  •     Blotting pads. Minimize oil and shine in pictures in a cinch.
  •     Sewing kit. If your wedding dress, a bridesmaid’s gown, or wedding party member’s suit gets a small tear, don’t panic! You don’t need a seamstress to sew a small snag. All you need in your sewing kit is a needle and thread that matches the fabric for a quick fix.
  •     A change of shoes. While the shoes you choose to accompany your wedding outfit will be gorgeous, they may not be as comfortable as you’d like for a day on your feet and dancing all night. Slip an extra comfy pair into your wedding emergency kit for a quick shoe change whenever you’re ready.
  •     Mini first aid kit. Load up a mini first aid kit with pain relievers, bandages, and antiseptic in case of cuts, blisters, and other minor medical mishaps.
  •     Bobby pins. After the hairstylist leaves, you’ll want to have a few bobby pins on hand just in case any strands come loose.
  •     Mints. To ensure your breath smells minty fresh in between pictures and chatting with guests, store a few mints in your emergency kit.
  •     Cash. Whether someone needs a quick snack or you forgot to tip the DJ, having some extra bills comes in handy.
  •     Stain remover pen. It may be useful to stock up on a few of these. You never know when a bite of food may come tumbling down onto your clothes.

Smaller items for your wedding emergency kit

These items are those that you may not think about needing the day of your wedding, but if you’re in need, you’ll be quite glad they’re available. These smaller items can fit inside a pocket or compartment inside your emergency kit.

  •     Nail polish
  •     Hair ties
  •     Tampons
  •     Deodorant
  •     Extra earrings
  •     Hairspray
  •     Floss
  •     Toothbrush
  •     Toothpaste
  •     Fashion tape
  •     Safety pins
  •     Mini perfume
  •     Mini hairbrush
  •     Eyelash glue
  •     Mini lotion
  •     Eye drops
  •     Extra pair of contacts
  •     Tweezers

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What about pre-made wedding emergency kits?

If you don’t want to create your own wedding emergency kit, you can opt for a pre-made version. A pre-made bridal kit does all the work for you, so you can save yourself the time and energy of building your own. They’re readily available from popular online retailers. However, with a pre-made version, you won’t be able to customize it to your needs. So if you want to add your contacts, medicine, or any specific snacks, you’ll have to do that on your own.

Whether you choose to go with a pre-made version or make your own is entirely up to you. If you’re looking to save yourself the time and hassle, a pre-made version may be the best option. But, if you want to have control over what goes inside your wedding emergency kit, you may want to create your own.

A final bit of advice

Having an emergency bridal kit can be your saving grace and provide peace of mind when it comes to your wedding day. After all, you never know when a mishap could occur. To ensure that you’re well prepared for anything that comes your way, fill your emergency kit with items customized to the bride and the venue. For example, if you’re choosing a lush private outdoor garden venue and you’ll be strolling around the whole day, you may want a change of shoes while you’re walking in or for dancing under the stars at night. 

With the above tips, you’ll be able to tackle anything that comes your way. Now you’ll be ready to make memories and enjoy the most wonderful day of your life, knowing that all the little details are covered.