Dial in Your Style

As you plan your wedding, you may find that selecting the style for your big day is both fun and engaging. There are dozens upon dozens of designs, styles, and themes to choose from and a number of places to implement your unique visions including your wardrobe, décor, furniture, and choice of venue.

Finding your personalized design style

You’ll find a lot of advice on how to choose your design theme and when to reserve your venue. Some will say that you should select your dress and let that guide your style choices for décor or venue; others may tell you to determine your style and then base the selection of your dress, décor, and venue around that vision. There are other ways and other opinions, and we’ll give you ours as well.

Our advice is to choose your wedding venue first and we’ll give you a few good reasons. First, date scarcity is a very real thing. Due to the adversity of 2020 and the first parts of 2021 caused by the COVID-19 crises, many couples chose to move their dates into 2021, 2022, and even 2023. Combine those transfers with the push we expect to see generated by the renewed sense of hope for 2021 and beyond and you may need to make a speedy decision for venue selection if you want your favorite dates or any date at all.

Second, the wedding venue you select is going to be one of the most visible and present parts of your big day and a huge part of your memories captured by photography and videography. Pairing your aesthetic motif to your wedding venue will ease your burden and ensure a cohesive experience for you and your loved ones on your wedding day. Fortunately, with a boutique collection of venues that accommodate a wide variety of creativity and self-expression, there is a great deal of flexibility available.

Be flexible and follow your heart. As you discover the venue that’s perfect for both of you, a sense of alliance will begin to form, marrying your design motif to your wedding venue. You may have a pleasantly surprising and unexpected reaction while strolling through the gardens. You may be drawn to some element, be it architectural or organic, that inspires your vision or even creates a vision for your wedding.

Sought-after styles

Choosing from a plethora of design styles can be overwhelming. Here we will outline the most up-and-coming 2021 & 2022 design trends. These choices are in no order of preference or suitability or popularity or any other order.

Rustic Influence

“Relaxed”, “open-air”, “effortless”, “natural”, and “organic” are only a few words that have been used to describe rustic weddings. If those words or the images they conjure capture your imagination and vision then you may lean towards a more rustic-inspired wedding.

Typically, rustic weddings can be characterized with natural colors as the palette with shapes and textures mimicking those found naturally or borrowed directly from nature. You will often see bare wood tables, muted colors, and barn-type ceremony sites to reinforce the themes. Of course, greenery is also the order of the day, with the natural beauty and verdancy of your location as the driver of your rustic-styled wedding day.

Bohemian Essence

Unconventional and artistic are the orders of the day for the bohemian or “boho” wedding. That leaves you a lot of room to conceptualize and a great deal of flexibility in the decisions that you’ll make. Natural, rustic, vintage, and other styles can be built into the Boho style for your day with your imagination and your free-spirited nature being the only restrictions to your design.

Compared to a rustic wedding, a Boho wedding is more likely to have a greater variety of color and perhaps a more eccentric vibe and feel to the dress and décor. You may find that vibe in an unstructured wedding dress or mismatched dinner and glassware, or in one of many other places your imagination can take you.

Vintage Vibe

This is another wedding style that leaves a lot to your imagination and your inspiration. Celebrate and pay homage to your favorite time period with “vintage” typically covering any time between the late 1700s to the 1940s.

Choosing a certain period or decade, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t throw in some found and reclaimed design elements for a striking look to the venue, your décor, and your day. Vintage is classically enduring and stands the test of time. It not only pulls the quintessential romanticism of times past but creates a sentiment that evokes nostalgia.

Typically, you will see this romantic, timeless style incorporating tablescapes with a mixture of greenery, candelabras and tea lights. Another great touch is to incorporate personal heirlooms and antique treasures to your head table, sign-in table or cake table. Whatever you choose, you’ll want a venue that allows for versatility and can accommodate your vintage feel with modern amenities or touches without missing a beat.

Eclectic Blend

Eclectic is not only a style, but also an outlook. Unencumbered by traditional ideals, mixing handmade details and mismatched decor for a wedding that is uniquely your own. There are really no rules in an eclectic style wedding. For example, don’t be afraid to mix antique with bohemian, bright colors and muted tones, and farm tables with modern style chairs.

Maybe you connected with the natural feel of rustic, the free-spirited vibe of bohemian and the timeless romance of vintage. With eclectic blend, you can mix all of these styles together for a personal and thoughtful wedding all your own. Let your imagination lead the way in this all-encompassing, all-embracing design style.


The Last Bit of Advice

You got our advice regarding building your style around the venue and now we have one more important bit of advice regarding making your venue selection: see your venue! Many venues have gorgeous pictures of their spaces. Of course they do and we do too. What you may not see in a photo is the flow of one piece of décor or landscaping feature into another, the feel or history of the environment, or the way the natural light captures a breathtaking vista or area at that magical hour around dusk. Take the time to take in the totality of the venue or find that one special feature that is important to you or really captures your imagination.

Thank you for reading and for visiting us today. We hope you discovered more about your dream style, for more inspiration explore our venues below:


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Best wishes selecting your venue and planning your big day!