Who We Are

Our history and behaviors in action

For more than 20 years, Trademark Venues and its employees have provided the best in premier weddings in Southern California. Starting with one venue in 2001, Trademark Venues has grown to six wedding venues, a beautiful client services hub, and a gorgeous garden retail center. We are pleased to have the ability to offer these venues and services to our wonderful clients for their special events. Just as importantly, we are pleased that our growth enabled us to employ more than 200 area people at the start of 2020 and contribute to programs supporting our communities and other communities less fortunate. These facts are out there for anyone to find and although we are understandably proud of our history and growth, it does not completely define us.

What the facts do not show is who we are today and what we believe in. Although a focus on values should be and is a part of how we assess our business, the onset and continuance of the COVID-19 crisis has presented us with a unique test of those values. Our values will be judged by our clients, customers, and employees as well as history. We work hard to assure the judgement will be favorable and it is with that in mind that, some time ago, we created our Trademark Venues Core Behaviors:

Passion for Exceeding Expectations

Take individual responsibility by “going the extra mile”
Take the initiative to drive improvement and root out shortfalls in service and efficiency
Focus on the details, no matter how large or small


Exceptional Collaboration with Clients and Colleagues

Communicate professionally, respectfully, and directly with your colleagues
Actively listen to clients and colleagues
Embrace opportunities to positively impact others


Ethics without Compromise

Act with integrity and honesty
Commit to doing the right thing at all times
Act with compassion and respect for all

You’ll note that we refer to the above not as values, although they are, but as behaviors. Part of that is because of the cynical and somewhat negative connotation that can be associated with “corporate values”. How many times have any of use groaned inwardly and maybe even rolled our eyes when we hear an executive or leaders say they want to talk about corporate or core values? I would wager it is many. These are not nebulous or aspirational or minimal. These are the behaviors that we display every day and seek to weave into everything we do. Each one requires action and acting and doing are what make values real.

Making them real is what we hope we are doing right now.

We hope our passion for exceeding expectations comes through our response to your feedback and our continuation of your planning process or the design of our programs for those directly impacted by the current crisis.

We hope you hear and see exceptional collaboration through our efforts to keep you informed with our COVID-19 updates and the programs for employee and community support we have implemented.

We hope our commitment to ethics without compromise is demonstrated in our communication plan for clients and employees that places integrity and compassion at the forefront.

We say “we hope” because we understand that living by the behaviors, we have listed in not only about what we do but also about how it is perceived and felt by others. It is our sincere hope that we are living up to expectations placed on us by our stated behaviors and that you see it and feel it.

We also understand that failure is a part of the human condition and we must be prepared to fail and to hear the painful truth when we do. If you feel that we have failed our Core Behaviors, please reach out to us and let us know. We strive to improve.

That is a long way of saying that who we are is not only about a history of which we are proud but is equally about what we believe and do today and especially what we do through adversity. We want our actions to show that we care, that we take our responsibilities to our clients and employees seriously, and that we are focused beyond ourselves.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

You can find our most recent articles specific to COVID-19 here. You can find the link to our venues on our home page here.