The date is set and you’re ready to walk down the aisle for your fairytale August wedding. With bountiful sunshine and late summer vibes, this month is a wonderful time to tie the knot.

As you plan a summer wedding, turn to the season for color inspiration. But there are still a few things to keep in mind when selecting your colors for this warm summer month. Read ahead for a guide on wedding colors for August that will make your event gorgeous and memorable. 

What to consider when selecting your August wedding colors

Let summer’s warmth and vibrance guide you as you select August wedding colors. Here’s how to evaluate your options.

Take the setting into account

Your wedding palette should correspond with your environment, so keep your venue in mind when selecting your August colors. If your heart is set on an outdoor venue, think about which shades will complement a natural backdrop. Sage green or dusty blue could look lovely against lush floral scenery. 

Personalize your palette

Your wedding colors should have your personal stamp just like any other aspect of your wedding. Don’t force yourself to choose a popular wedding color just because it’s worked for others or it’s trending. Prioritize a color scheme that fits your unique personal style and best reflects you as a couple.

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Use your theme as a guide

Your color palette is another way to tie your wedding day motif all together. If you’re going for a beachy summer wedding, nautical colors like white and blue will add to the August wedding ambience. The more your colors match your wedding theme, the more cohesive your atmosphere will be. A color palette also helps you select accountrements like centerpieces, table decor, and linens.

Factor in wedding party attire

Your wedding party’s attire is perhaps the main attraction for your wedding colors. Consider how their outfits will complement your environment and wedding decor. Bold blue bridesmaid dresses may be lovely on their own, but if your venue is full of similar blue hues, they may not stand out as much as you’d like in the photos. 

Look into the lighting;

It’s important to think about what time of day you’re holding your ceremony and reception, especially if you’re outdoors. Colors will photograph differently depending on the hour. You should take your wedding day schedule into account as much as your theme when selecting your color combinations. 

Tips for choosing the perfect color scheme for your August wedding

Here are a few suggestions for how to decide which colors will work best for your August wedding. 

Celebrate the season

The best part of an August wedding is the carefree summer vibes. Emphasize summer hues to fit the mood. Whether you choose light green or rosie pink, cool, calming colors will lend to a relaxed summer mood. You can also balance subtle hues with vibrant pops of color for a stunning wedding color palette. 

Collaborate with your venue

Your venue is here to make your fairytale wedding dream come true. In addition to soaking in the atmosphere on your venue tour, don’t be shy about getting your venue contact’s feedback on color combinations. They can answer additionals questions that can factor into your decision, like lighting and photography spots throughout the venue.

The Perfect Color Scheme for Your August Wedding

Research color palettes for inspiration

Your color scheme should be uniquely you, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Look to other sources of inspiration to spark your imagination. And they don’t have to be wedding specific. If you see a color scheme you love for another occasion, or feel particularly inspired by a piece of artwork, don’t be afraid to try it out. 

Don’t be afraid to break the mold

Your environment and season are important to consider. But remember, ultimately, your big day is about you. Don’t feel restricted by wedding color trends if you have a creative idea you’re eager to try. 

Play around with your choices

Try out a few combinations before saying I do to your color palette. Get swatches and color samples and let your imagination run wild. Samples can also be a great resource to bring on your wedding venue tour. Visualize how your colors will look at your wedding so you’ll be happy with your palette when the big day arrives. 

What are some popular color schemes for August weddings?

August color palettes balance elegance with a summer feel. Here are some of the most common August color combinations. 

  • Pastel pink, sky blue, and cream. If you’re going for elegant and ethereal, pale and muted tones can help create a refined mood.
  • Sunflower yellow, coral, and green. These classic summer wedding colors shine at an August outdoor wedding.
  • Burgundy, blush, and rose gold. This color palette is a great example of balancing bold and muted hues for a perfect fit.
  • Navy blue, white, and silver. This color palette is simple and stylish, works in a range of environments, and looks good on everyone. 

The top August wedding color combos

Look no further for inspiration. Among the best August wedding color choices are:

  • Olive green, terracotta, and gold. This trio of muted and bold colors works perfectly in a rustic setting.
  • Peach, mint, and gold. Peach and green add to an airy summer ambience.
  • Ivory, champagne, and blush. Simple yet sophisticated, this color palette works well in elegant indoor settings.
  • Fuchsia, purple, and silver. Feel royal on your special day with purple hues and silver accents.
  • Blue and orange. These contrasting colors work surprisingly well together. Bold orange floral accents will dazzle against light blue attire. 

Add Color to Your Wedding Decor

How to incorporate colors into your wedding decor

There are infinite possibilities for incorporating your August wedding colors, but here are a few ideas to get you started. 

  • Attire and accessories. Your wedding party’s attire will be the spotlight for your color palette. Secondary colors in your wedding color palette can make their way into handbags, shoes, or shawls.
  • Signage. From seating cards to your cocktail menu, this is another great way to emphasize your color palette.
  • Gift bags. Send your guests home with favors wrapped in your chosen colors.
  • Flowers. From the bouquet of the betrothed to the table centerpieces, your floral arrangements offer endless accent opportunities.
  • Table settings. Tie your whole palette together with coordinating linens.
  • Lighting. Set the mood on the dance floor with ambient lighting based on your color palette. 

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