Sustainable Weddings

Welcome to our first installment of Sustainable Weddings, where we help to ensure not only helps your funds last longer, but ensure your wedding is an event that gives back to the community.

Your wedding is the most important day of your life; but it’s also an extremely important day in the timeline of our beautiful planet Earth! There are so many ways that your wedding can positively impact the future of our planet. Today, we’ll discuss how carefully selecting your style of dinner service can influence the future of Earth as we know it!

It’s often joked that the only thing that people remember after a wedding is the food. And while we can say with confidence that’s not quite true, food is an extremely important element of a wedding! When selecting your dinner service, we highly recommend considering the eco-friendly family style.

It’s a Social Style of Dinner

Family style is a great way to make sure that all of your guests enjoy a farm-to-table meal at the same time. Gone are the days of waiting until your table is called to join the buffet line! Selecting family style means that a quick-moving catering staff can deliver fresh, hot plates of entrees and sides to your guests. First, guests are greeted at their tables by a freshly chilled salad that they can enjoy immediately. As the larger plates arrive at each table, your guests can begin to serve themselves a selection of delicious food. They’ll have the option to select whatever appeals, offering them autonomy and independence rarely found at a wedding that will resonate deeply with them.

Family style dinner service also encourages your guests to get to know each other. When you ask your guests to look to either side and pass a plate, you’ll find that this simple act of sharing food opens a door for conversation. Family style is an exceptional way to match family and friends together; after an evening of sharing food, they’re sure to create a connection that lasts. 



It Can Save You Some Money

By choosing an all-inclusive Trademark venue, you’ve automatically eliminated any additional costs, such as rentals, dinnerware, or serveware. There’s no upcharge – family style is one of our top-rated dinner services, and for good reason!

Family style saves you time and energy. Unlike other styles of dinner service, where you need to have your guests pre-select their meal, family style ensures your guests can select what appeals in the moment. After all, who wants to choose what they’re going to eat several months in advance? Not only do you not have to keep track of meal orders – you don’t have to pay for the additional postage and stationary required for selected dinner service! 

Your Meal Can Be Your Decor

If you’re like us, then you love food. So why not make food the centerpiece of your table? When you have a locally sourced, locally grown farm-to-table meal …that’s worth making it a focal point! You don’t need to worry about spending additional money on floral or centerpieces. Instead, you can set the tables with a tasteful (no pun intended) array of food. Trust us – your guests will love it…and so will your budget!



You’re Helping Eliminate Food Waste

A family style meal is good for the Earth because it cuts down on the amount of waste. Here at Trademark Venues, we’ve been doing weddings for over ten years; one thing we’ve noticed over and over again is how much guests are prepared to eat…and how consistently they fail! 

The plates of entrees and sides that are being passed ensures that your guests’ eyes are not bigger than their stomachs – they can take a little bit of everything, find something they love, and get more. What’s left at the end of the night? Only empty plates and full tummies!