California weddings hold a special kind of magic. From golden sunsets over the Pacific to whispering redwood forests, the state’s natural beauty creates breathtaking backdrops for the best day of your life. At Trademark Venues, we believe the magic of your wedding day deserves an equally magical setting, which is why we specialize in breathtaking outdoor venues.

Benefits of Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings hold a special magic, a sense of freedom and connection to the world around you. Here’s why couples are increasingly choosing the beauty of nature as their backdrop:

  • Flexibility: Design a celebration that’s uniquely you.  Unlike traditional indoor venues, outdoor spaces offer a blank canvas. Envision bohemian picnics under the stars, elegant string lights amidst the trees, or a whimsical ceremony by a babbling brook.  Outdoor weddings let you tailor the decor, layout, and overall vibe to perfectly reflect your love story.
  • Photo Opportunities: Embrace the beauty of natural light. The soft glow of sunset, dappled light amidst the leaves, or the dramatic backdrop of mountains. Nothing beats nature’s artistry. Outdoor weddings provide unforgettable settings for those cherished photos you’ll treasure for a lifetime.
  • Connection to Nature: Celebrate your love amidst inspiring surroundings. There’s something undeniably romantic about exchanging vows under the open sky. Outdoor weddings let you immerse yourselves in the natural world: the sweet scent of blossoms, a gentle breeze, the warmth of the sun.

California’s Diversity: Your dream setting awaits.  From rolling vineyards to redwood forests California’s landscapes offer breathtaking variety. Whether you envision a mountain top view, an elegant garden celebration, or an Italian style Villa reminiscent of Tuscany, California has the perfect outdoor setting to make your wedding dreams a reality.


Outdoor Wedding Venues in California: Terra

Highlight: Experience the romance of a secluded mountaintop retreat with sweeping views of Murrieta, CA. Terra’s focus on one wedding per day ensures a sense of unmatched privacy and tranquility.

Setting Description: Nestled amidst rolling hills, Terra offers both intimacy and expansive beauty. Exchange vows by the Jade Terrace or Quartz Overlook, both boasting open-sky vistas and stunning mountain backdrops. After saying “I do,” celebrate on the Crystal Lawn with panoramic views and access to the tranquil gardens.

Amenities & Experience: Terra goes beyond scenery. The Opal Parlor and Topaz Lounge provide luxurious spaces to prepare for your big day, while the Garnet Game Room adds an element of fun. As a Trademark Venue, you benefit from a team of seasoned wedding experts dedicated to making your celebration unforgettable.

Packages: Indulge in Terra’s comprehensive venue rental packages, offering 11.5 hours of access to the private gardens. Enjoy custom touches like cloth napkins and curated decor. Terra’s team handles coordination and logistics, while our talented team of catering professionals crafts your dream menu to delight both you and your guests.

Ideal for Couples Who: Crave wine country charm, value privacy, and dream of breathtaking views as the backdrop for their special day.

Ethereal Gardens

Outdoor Wedding Venues in California: Ethereal G

Highlight: Discover a world where European-inspired charm meets the natural beauty of California at Ethereal Gardens. This exquisite venue offers a blend of timeless elegance and enchanting whimsy, inviting you to create your own fairytale wedding.

Setting Description: Imagine exchanging vows amidst fragrant flowers at the Barn, with sweeping views of San Diego’s hills. Seek the spotted shade and unique atmosphere of the Woodland Grotto, adorned with hanging ferns. For a touch of history, the Brick and Timber Chapel offers a rustic yet refined setting nestled within a pine forest. Picture a magical ceremony-in-the-round or an unforgettable al fresco reception under the starry expanse of the Starry Night Meadow. Lush gardens, blooming vines, and the Ethereal Garden Pergola and Open-Air Pavilion add layers of romantic beauty.

The Experience: Ethereal Gardens is more than just a venue; it’s a sensory experience. Fragrances of lavender and herbs mingle with the fresh air, while birdsong provides a natural soundtrack. Every detail, from the hand-laid bricks of the chapel to the gentle breezes through the pavilion, creates an unforgettable ambiance.

Ideal for Couples Who: Dream of a wedding that balances sophisticated elegance with a touch of natural magic. If you long for formal beauty, unique ceremony spaces, and an atmosphere that transports you and your guests, Ethereal Gardens is the perfect place to begin your happily ever after.

Green Gables Wedding Estate

Outdoor Wedding Venues in California: Green G

Highlight: Step back in time and embrace the magic of a whimsical, twinkle-lit forest at Green Gables Wedding Estate. This enchanting historic venue offers a sense of exclusivity and timeless charm.

Setting Description: Your ceremony can take place beneath a canopy of towering trees draped in twinkling lights, creating a truly magical atmosphere. Discover hidden nooks, trickling fountains, rose-covered arbors, and enchanting statuary as you wander the lush gardens. Green Gables transports you to another era, with its circa 1890s charm and colorful flora blooming year-round.

Exclusivity & Experience: As the venue hosts only one wedding per day, you and your guests will enjoy a sense of privacy within the secluded estate. The near 12-hour timeline allows for a relaxed and memorable celebration. Prepare for your big moment in the historic Bridal Parlor, filled with authentic European furnishings and an undeniable sense of anticipation. The Gentlemen’s Clubhouse offers a comfortable and private space for pre-ceremony relaxation.

Ideal for Couples Who: Dream of a fairytale wedding day, an enchanted forest celebration, or simply appreciate the charm of a historic setting. If you long for a wedding steeped in romance and a touch of old-world elegance, Green Gables is the perfect place to say, “I do.”

Twin Oaks House Weddings

Outdoor Wedding Venues in California: Twin Oaks

Highlight: Lose yourself in the magic of a historic setting at Twin Oaks House Weddings. This enchanting venue offers a captivating blend of outdoor elegance, expansive gardens, and a sense of timeless charm.

Setting Description: Immerse yourself in history within the walls of the circa 1890s Twin Oaks converted Schoolhouse. Venture outdoors to discover hidden nooks, trickling fountains, rose-covered arbors, and enchanting statuary. As dusk falls, uncountable twinkle lights throughout the gardens create a magical ambiance. Lush foliage and colorful flora provide a vibrant backdrop throughout the year.

Exclusivity & Experience: As the venue hosts only one wedding per day, you and your guests will enjoy complete privacy within the secluded estate. You will have nearly 12 hours of time to ensure a relaxed and memorable celebration. Prepare for your big moment in the historic Bridal Parlor, filled with authentic European furnishings and a sense of undeniable anticipation. The Gentlemen’s Clubhouse offers a cozy space for pre-ceremony relaxation and camaraderie.

Ideal for Couples Who: Dream of a festive and vibrant celebration, seek the freedom of expansive gardens for a lively reception, and want a venue that evokes a sense of joyous energy.

Tivoli Italian Villa

Outdoor Wedding Venues in California: Tivoli

Highlight: Escape to a luxurious Tuscan-inspired paradise at Tivoli Italian Villa. Perched atop beautiful greenery, this venue offers breathtaking mountain views, a sense of privacy, and undeniable old-world charm.

Setting Description: Against a backdrop of rolling hills and vineyards, Tivoli awaits. The villa’s Italian-inspired architecture, with terracotta details, arched doorways, and perhaps a central courtyard, transports you to another world. Stroll through fragrant gardens, discover trickling fountains and statuary, and admire a sea of lights as dusk falls.

Exclusivity & Experience: Tivoli Italian Villa’s one-wedding-per-day policy ensures a sense of tranquility and exclusivity. The 11-and-a-half-hour timeline allows for a real relaxed celebration. Savor luxurious preparation spaces: the light-filled Chateau Bridal Suite evokes the feel of a chic Italian summer house, while the secluded Barrel Room Grooms Suite offers a unique, nature-inspired setting.

Ideal for Couples Who: Dream of a destination wedding infused with European elegance and the natural beauty of California. If you long for sun-drenched vistas, the romance of an Italian villa, and a luxurious, exclusive experience, Tivoli Italian Villa is your Tuscan dream realized.


Outdoor Wedding Venues in California: Botanica

Highlight: Discover a hidden tropical paradise at Botanica, brimming with vibrant blooms, natural spring-fed waterfalls, and refreshing coastal breezes. This luxurious venue offers an enchanting blend of exotic beauty and peaceful seclusion.

Setting Description: Bring surrounded by lush foliage, towering palms, and the soothing sounds of cascading waterfalls and ponds as you finally tie the knot. Picture your guests relaxing amidst spring-fed brooks, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of botanical wonders.

Exclusivity & Experience: Botanica’s one-wedding-per-day policy ensures you get a day of calm intimacy. The 11.5-hours of allotted time allows for a wild aray of activities and an unforgettable experience. Prepare for your special day in the secluded Bougainvillea Bridal Suite, a light-filled cottage with a private style salon. The Cabana Grooms Suite, perched over a seasonal pond and nestled amongst fig trees, offers a private retreat with a touch of rustic charm.

Ideal for Couples Who: Embrace bold colors, tropical vibes, and the captivating beauty of nature. If you envision a wedding day infused with vibrant energy, a sense of tranquility, and a deep connection to the natural world, Botanica will surpass your wildest dreams.

Pine Hill Lodge

Outdoor Wedding Venues in California: Pine Hill

Highlight: Discover a private, rustic mountaintop retreat at Pine Hill Lodge, steeped in history and surrounded by the beauty of Julian’s woodlands. Embrace the warmth of natural elements and the charm of a bygone era.

Setting Description: Beneath towering pines, 100-year-old Manzanita and Oak trees, with breathtaking mountain vistas as your backdrop. Explore winding pathways through the forest, with the songs of blue jays providing a natural soundtrack. Delight in the untouched beauty of The Lodge, built circa 1912 with original hardwood floors, open timber beams, and hand-carved stone fireplaces. Picture cozy cabin rooms, the Moondance Ceremony & Reception Lawn, and the rustic elegance of The Woodhaven Event Barn.

Exclusivity & Experience: Pine Hill Lodge offers a truly private experience. This venue hosts one wedding at a time, ensuring a sense of intimacy and seclusion amidst the trees of the mountains. Relax in the Pine Hill Great Room Lounge with its fireplace and veranda views, or savor a cozy cocktail in the historic Landmark Tavern.

Ideal for Couples Who: Crave a cozy, outdoorsy celebration infused with history and rustic charm. If you long for the scent of pine, fresh mountain air, the warmth of wood and stone, and the tranquility of a private escape, Pine Hill Lodge is a dream come true.

Pick the Perfect Venue for You

California’s natural beauty provides the ultimate backdrop for your dream wedding.  From intimate garden ceremonies to breathtaking mountain top celebrations, Trademark Venues offers a stunning array of outdoor settings to make your special day truly unforgettable.  Whether you dream of rustic charm, European elegance, or a tropical oasis, there’s a perfect venue waiting to host your love story.

Embrace the freedom, flexibility, and unmatched beauty of an outdoor California wedding. Let the sun, the breeze, and the vibrant landscapes be a part of your celebration. Explore Trademark Venues’ diverse collection and discover the magic that awaits you under the California sky.

Contact us at Trademark Venues to schedule a tour or consultation and begin planning your dream outdoor wedding.