The month of December is a magical time. Why not consider it when setting the date for your special day? Although summer is typically thought of as wedding season, there are many advantages to tying the knot during the winter months. From the lower cost, to the beautifully decorated December wedding venues, the most wonderful time of year could be the perfect time to celebrate your nuptials. 

Why have a December wedding?

Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding or a grand event, there are an abundance of reasons to set the date at the end of the calendar year. Read on for just a few of the many benefits to getting married in December. 

  • December is considered the “off season” for weddings. Reserving a December wedding venue means you’re more likely to reserve the date you want. And since off-season weddings can be more budget-friendly, you have more leeway to put more funds toward the perfect wedding outfit or a bigger bouquet.
  • Weather can be great in the right location. Depending on where you are, December weather can be quite mild. Warmer places like Southern California are full of beautiful scenic options and views that make for great photo ops.
  • You’ll have a better chance of securing the venue and vendor team of your dreams. With more availability of winter wedding venues, you’re also more likely to land an all-star venue and vendor team that will help you realize your perfect wedding vision. 
  • Your guests are more likely to be available. There’s less of a chance that guests have a scheduling conflict they might face during an active wedding season. 
  • The theme is already chosen. A December wedding has the winter wonderland wedding theme built right in. If you love evergreen trees and roaring fires, the month of your wedding can be its own theme. You can easily choose holiday and winter decor or choose a wedding venue that has already decked the halls. 
  • You’ll get to take stunning winter wedding pictures. Capture your matrimonial bliss in beautiful winter natural lighting. Taking wedding photos in a tinsel adorned setting, or against a majestic mountain backdrop in a destination like Park City, adds a unique touch of charm and wonder. 

Things to Consider When Planning a December Wedding

As with planning any wedding, prepare to expect the unexpected. Here are a few unique things to consider about a December wedding to keep things running smoothly on your big day. 

Working around several holidays

A December wedding has several scheduling advantages, but you’ll want to be aware of what holidays are coming up when choosing a wedding weekend. Avoid major holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, so there’s no conflict for your guests. While a New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day wedding has the potential for an especially festive mood, keep in mind that venues may not be open on those dates. 

You can’t predict what the weather might be 

Wedding planning in December means accepting that some things will be unpredictable. Be sure to coordinate ahead of time with your venue and vendors, so you have a contingency plan in place for any last minute changes. 

In places like Southern California, winter is the rainy season. If the ceremony and reception are outdoors, can you have tents set up? Keep in mind that even if you are getting married in a sunny environment, weather in other places may still affect travel for your out of town guests. Ask your chosen venue and coordination team about a backup plan so you can get a sense of how they’ve handled these challenges in the past.

The sunset happens pretty early, so schedule accordingly

While a December wedding offers the chance for gorgeous photos, remember that the sun sets much earlier. If you want to capture that gorgeous glimpse of golden hour, be mindful of when you schedule the ceremony and reception. 

Having the ceremony and reception all in one venue makes it easier 

With the addition of unknown elements in the winter, you can save yourself some trouble by booking the entire wedding in the same place. Working with the same venue for ceremony and reception will make it much simpler to create your perfect winter wedding. You can work with your venue of choice to prepare tents, as well as set up cozy heating like fire pits if you are outdoors.

Use comforting and creative catering

Your choice of refreshments also plays a role in creating a cozy setting. Stick to warm drinks to keep your guests comfortable and happy. You can have a lot of fun with this culinary theme as well. Consider adding a cocoa or cider bar to cocktail hour. 

From planning for inclement weather to adding those magnificent finishing touches, Trademark can help you coordinate everything you need for an exquisite wedding ceremony and reception. 

Layer up for the cold

Even in milder climates, it’s important to be prepared for cold during any time outdoors. Let your guests know they should dress accordingly and bring layers if possible. The dress code doesn’t have to be limiting, though. December weddings offer fashion opportunities that don’t exist in warmer months. Elegant wraps and coats can add a special touch of glamor to the happy couple’s wedding ensembles. 

Start planning the December wedding of your dreams today

Now that you know December is the season for matrimonial bliss, it’s time to start planning. First and foremost, you’ll want to find a venue that will help you handcraft the perfect winter celebration. Get started today with a tour of Trademark venues. Our team is here to help you realize the big day you’ve always dreamed of.