You’ve set off on your wedding planning voyage, and now it’s time to decide where you’ll say “I do.” With so many wedding venues to choose from, it can be helpful to have a guide on what to look for. Read ahead for suggestions on how to compare wedding venues and what elements of a venue make it perfect for you. 

What’s the most popular type of wedding venue?

When you think of classic wedding venues, you may conjure images of churches, banquet halls, or country clubs.  The popularity of wedding venue styles is an ever evolving sentiment, though. Some couples opt to get married at landmark buildings with unique architecture. Outdoor venues are also increasingly in demand for couples that want to wed next to gorgeous natural scenery. The important thing is to find a venue that suits you and your partner, so you can start your new life on the right foot. 

How do I pick the right venue?

Finding a wedding venue is less about picking one perfect spot, but finding the right venue for you. Choosing your venue is all about seeing how it fits into your wedding day vision. Have an idea of the tone and atmosphere you want to create when doing your research. Then you can get into the details of selecting your top wedding venues, like availability and location. 

How to Pick the Right Wedding Venue

7 tips for comparing wedding venues

Once you’ve narrowed down your venues and booked your tours, it’s time to start weighing your options. Here are suggestions for what to look for when comparing wedding venues. 

1. Make a list of your must haves

Start the search process by compiling a list of what’s not negotiable for your future venue. This gives you a guide to easily reference and help keep you organized once you start touring potential venues. Your list should begin with the essentials like venue size, location, ideal dates, and how much of your budget you want to allocate toward the venue. Then, you and your partner should talk about big wish list items that will help you create your unique wedding day vision together. This prompts you to ask about important details when contacting venues. 

2. Create a method for taking notes

Once you start viewing venues in person, you’ll want a way to organize your detailed notes. 

Whether it’s a chart, spreadsheet, or a simple pro/con list, make a system for comparing venue options that works for you. Setting up an organized template will make life easier down the road. 

Top Tips for Comparing Wedding Venues

3. Ask if your dates are available

Allowing for some flexibility in setting the date is a good idea, but you do want to make sure your ideal wedding venue is open to at least some of your desired dates. Pull together some tentative dates before booking your venue visit, so you have the full picture going into your tour. 

4. Find a venue that suits your style

Someone else’s perfect venue might be different from your dreams for your big day. Are you looking for a venue with simple, elegant interior design? Or do you want to tie the knot in a lush, green outdoor paradise? Try to envision your desired theme in each space as you review your top venues. 

5. Create a magical experience for everyone

When touring a venue, it’s easy to imagine yourself walking down the aisle or enjoying your first dance. It’s good to also be mindful of the guest experience when choosing your perfect venue. Is there easy access to parking? Does anyone on your guest list need accessibility accommodations? If the ceremony and reception aren’t in the same location, can guests get there easily? These are good questions to ask when researching venues. 

It can also be helpful to have a rough draft of your ideal event flow. You don’t need to have every detail of your special day planned out, yet. But a general run of show outline will remind you to be aware of things like how much space you’ll need in a dining area. The more you can picture your wedding day from start to finish, the easier it will be to compare wedding venues. 

Find the Wedding Venue of Your Dreams

6. Take note of what sets the venue apart

If you’ve looked at several stunning venues, your decision may come down to the details. Which extras set a venue over the top? Make note of any special amenities when assessing wedding venue comparisons, such as dedicated bridal and groom suites where you can relax and get ready. Trademark’s unique wedding venues in Southern California offer amenities that include custom menu options and catalogs of one-of-a-kind decor to choose from. These little add-ons could make all the difference when picking the winning venue. 

What should you ask when comparing venues?

Your wish list will help guide your venue research immensely. It’s also a good idea to have some big picture questions prepared for your wedding venue contact. Here’s what to ask before you commit to a venue. 

  • What are the wedding venue’s policies and are there any exceptions? Read the venue’s rules thoroughly and double check if there are any restrictions that may apply. Make sure you’re well aware if there are any curfews in place or regulations on using outside vendors. 
  • Is the price quote comprehensive? Confirm that your price quote includes any additional fees, such as corkage fees or shuttle services, to avoid surprises later on. 
  • What does the fine print include? If you’re getting ready to sign a contract, it’s important that you understand everything that’s included. Keep an eye out for payment deadlines and cancellation fees, and ask about any clauses you’re unsure about. 

Find the venue of your dreams with Trademark

With some preparation and curiosity, you’re ready to discover the perfect site for your wedding. Trademark Venues has five unique locations to choose from to suit any couple’s wishes. From providing lavish scenery to assisting with every detail on your wedding day, Trademark offers full packages to make your dream day as seamless as possible. Contact us today. Your perfect venue is just within reach.

Choosing the Wedding Venue of Your Dreams