Deconstructed Maximalism

After a tumultuous, frightening, and sad 2020, 2021 is rolling in with a lot of hope on the horizon. We think many are starting to see the coming months in a more positive light and plunging forward with wedding reservations and planning. Part of that planning process may be reorganizing your wedding to accommodate your family members and loved ones or to encompass a revised vision for the big day.

Looking across the landscape of expert opinion and trends moving over from Europe and here in the U.S., there is an identifiable theme coming.

Go Big on the Small Details

If you want to impress your friends and family call it Deconstructed Maximalism. Call it whatever best fits your needs because it really is an opportunity to let your creativity shine. What it really means is that you make your event more intimate and more personally meaningful for yourself and those in attendance. Again, you may be looking at a wedding that has fewer guest than originally intended but with your full budget still intact. If you are fortunate enough to be in that boat, one thing projected to trend big 2021 is an investment that maximizes experiences for you and for those in attendance at your big day.


You may be asking yourself what kind of details and experiences you can invest in. Here are a few suggestions for finding what works for you:

Make meaningful connections. Not only do your guests represent the people you love most, but some have also likely travelled a long way to be with you on your special day. Set the tone for your celebration by making them feel welcome and valued. Perhaps you would like to offer your guests luxury or personalized welcome kits based on the theme of your wedding. Or perhaps you would like to plan an experience where you can help a high level of personal interaction with each person at your wedding. However you choose to make a personal and deeply meaningful connection with your guests, showing your care will go a long way creating a lasting memory for all.

Flowers everywhere. This is a place where investing big gets big returns with stunning and creative floral arrangements enhancing the wedding experience for you and your guests. A previous blog that you can read here details a few things to consider when selecting your florals. Whether you select a florist to design your day and execute your vision or make a personal investment of time, you can leave a lasting impression on your guests and for yourself. If you read our previous about floral, you understand the powerful connection between memories and emotions and fragrance.


Live or recorded entertainment. A chamber music trio or quartet? A magician either serious or comedic? If you can dream it, you can probably find a vendor or performer that can do it. We’ve seen the aforementioned magicians, we’ve seen animal attractions such as a llamas and sloths, we’ve seen dance teams perform, and much, much more.

If live entertainment isn’t your thing, consider a recorded video tribute to your relationship with your new husband or wife. You can include historically and emotionally significant pictures and videos of yourselves as well as some of the family and friends right there with you.

It’s pretty likely that regardless of what other entertainment you may choose for your wedding, you will hire a DJ to be the MC of your event. Of course, selection of a DJ can be difficult and the impact they have can be huge. Choose carefully. We’ll soon publish an article with some helpful tips – be on the lookout.

Unique décor. There are endless possibilities here. Create warm and inviting lounge areas for your guests to enjoy using luxurious couches, one-of-a-kind vintage side tables, and textured throw rugs. You can also add touches such as lanterns, wagons, easels, and other fun items to match your theme and create a visually stunning environment for your day.

Another up-and-coming trend is the “tablescape”. Make the dining tables a part of the décor and experience with beautiful and creative centerpieces, enchanting linens and napkins, fresh or amazingly life-like greenery, creatively designed lanterns, or dazzling dinnerware. Or go all out and use all of it! As always, make it yours.



Gourmet dining and drinking experiences. The food today at most weddings is pretty darn good. If you are looking going big on small details though, you may want one those details to be the food. Take a look at the more elegant experience of a plated choice and/or bumping the food up a notch by selecting a premium cut of beef or even seafood as a choice of entrée. You can even have fun with the appetizers with many choices to consider.

Don’t forget about the drinks. Once again, you have an amazing array of options from offering premium spirits, beer, or wine to creating your own limited selection of signature craft cocktails. Try one of the 28 or more different types of caipirinha or 20 plus different types of mules or take a little time to experiment and create something unique and consistent with the theme of your wedding.

Photography and Videography. As with floral, you have a real opportunity to create amazing memories. Take a moment to think about having a video chronicle of your day, professionally filmed and edited for maximum impact. Think about how a second photographer may benefit your day with a focus not only on you and your wedding party, but on your guests as well – what a way to remember the happiness you provided to your loved ones during one of the happiest moments of your life. A professional here can go a long to enhancing the way you remember the day the way it is remembered by others. Be on the lookout for some soon-to-come tips about selecting the perfect photographer for your wedding.

Wherever your imagination takes you. The goal with deconstructed maximalism is to make it intimate and meaningful for every attendee and, most importantly, for you. Ask questions, have fun, and maximize your vision!



The Last Word

Although the idea expressed above are fun to write about, fun to talk about, and fun to implement, it doesn’t mean that they’re a good fit for you. Maybe you want to maximize the number of guests and loved ones at your wedding, or you want to just have a really big party. Those ideas are just as fun and engaging.

Do what you want. Follow your heart. See your vision become a reality. Regardless of if that vision includes deconstructed maximalism, modern minimalism, or any of a hundred buzzwords, be sure that you do you.

We hope your day is joyful, beautiful, enjoyed in the company of your loved ones, and yours.