In wedding planning, your big day outfit gets all of the fashion focus — and rightfully so. Your wedding is a chance to live your dreams, so the clothes you wear take the spotlight. There are, however, a few other style choices that matter on your journey to the altar. Your wedding venue tour is a perfect example. Read on for tips on what to wear to a wedding venue tour and all of the details to consider once you arrive. 

3 outfit ideas for a wedding venue tour

Here are a few rules to consider when deciding what to wear to your future wedding site. 

1.) Wear something formal but functional

Your wedding venue tour sets the tone as you embark on planning, so it’s important to show up put together. Dress well, but be comfortable so you can stay relaxed during the venue tour. Think of something that would be appropriate to wear to a professional event. Slacks or dress pants with a nice blouse, button down shirt, or blazer will do just fine. You can also opt for something like a clean and simple semi formal dress. 

Since you may be walking a lot or standing for long periods, you may want to leave the high heels home at home. This is the time to wear comfortable walking shoes or sneakers. You should also be mindful of any dress codes that apply to your venue, especially in settings like country clubs. If you’re not sure about dress code policies, ask the venue before you visit. 

2.) Dress for the weather

Be mindful of the wedding venue’s setting. Tour the venue’s website for photos to see if you’ll be outdoors and if there are any elements you may need to keep in mind. When preparing for your tour, it’s also important to take note of the forecast. If you’re touring an outdoor venue while the sun is shining, it’s a good idea to wear sunscreen or other appropriate sun protection. A wide-brimmed hat is a great pairing with a sun dress! Trademark’s website has hundreds of photos to browse of our unique wedding venues, so you know exactly what to expect when you arrive. 

Outfit Ideas for Your Wedding Tour

3.) Test run potential wedding day colors or styles

On the subject of location, your wedding venue tour can be a good opportunity to try out colors or outfits you’re considering for the wedding party. If you’re debating on color palettes for your nearest and dearest, choose an outfit in that color scheme. See how your creative concepts work with the venue’s lighting or decor and get a glimpse of how beautiful your magic moment will be. 

How To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Venue Tour

Now that you’ve selected your wedding venue tour ensemble, it’s time to get down to business. Here’s everything that should be on your checklist as you get ready for your wedding venue tour. 

Narrow down your choices

First you’ll need to select the venues you want to tour in person. Ask around and spend some time on Google before you reach out to the venues you want to see. The more research you do, the more likely you are to have a seamless venue tour. There’s no exact right number of venues you should visit, but aiming for your top three to five choices is probably reasonable. Before getting a tour on the books, make sure to ask for an initial price estimate as well. That way, there will be no surprises down the road, and you can focus on falling in love with the best venue for you. 

Get it on the calendar

Once you’ve selected your venues, it’s time to make the appointments. You should have some dates in mind, but leave room to be flexible with the venue’s schedule. Since venues themselves are typically booked a year in advance, try to tour the venue about 15 months prior to your ideal date. If a venue is especially popular, consider booking your tour as much as 18 months from your proposed date. And if your desired tour dates are booked, venues like Trademark’s offer virtual tours.

Questions to Ask on a Wedding Venue Tour

Dream big, but be realistic

The wedding venue tour is when you start to see your wedding fantasies blossom into reality. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and see what’s possible. Can the venue accommodate your maximum number of wedding guests? Will they let you include your pet in the ceremony? Can you bring in a food truck to treat your guests at the end of the night? 

If you have an idea, but are unsure if the venue can accommodate, this is the time to bring it up. It’s still a good idea to have a clear understanding of your resources going into a tour, though. If you’re not 100 percent certain of something, be upfront with your tour guide. They may be able to help guide you to the right choice. 

Know what you want, but be flexible

Wedding planning typically requires a balance between being sure of what’s non negotiable and leaving room to adapt. Being prepared with a list of questions will help you stay organized on your wedding venue tour. But you should also go in with an open mind. When writing your question list, note what’s most important and where there’s room to compromise. 

Plan ahead for less stress

You want to be in the right headspace to plan your dream wedding. Rushing to get there or being too hungry to focus can take away from the moment. Give yourself plenty of time for traffic and make sure you’re well rested, hydrated, and have time to eat. 

Make the Most of Your Wedding Venue Tour

Document everything

Take notes, snap photos — anything you need to remember the details of each venue. After you’ve visited a few, these records will make it much easier to compare the pros and cons when you’re finalizing your choice later. 

Confirm key information before you leave

There are some vital details to get before you conclude your tour. Try to confirm a final price quote, so you can start plugging numbers into your budget. And don’t forget to get contact information from your tour guide so you can follow up. 

Be thoughtful, but don’t take too long to decide

Give yourself enough time to make your decision, but be mindful of the competition for dates. Ask your tour guide how fast the venue books, so you can give yourself a deadline for making your decision. That way, you won’t miss out on the perfect venue. 

Your Guide to Wedding Venue Tours

3 must ask questions to ask on your wedding tour

As you consider what to ask about your unique wedding vision, there’s some essential information every couple should know. Read on for the wedding venue questions to be ready with. 

  • What dates are available? Before proceeding with any commitments, verify which dates are free. Allowing yourself a few options will give you a better chance at landing your favorite venue. 
  • What does the contract include? Make sure you’re aware of all the details before you sign anything. You can ask for a sample contract before you leave, and be sure to confirm if there are any extra fees on certain venue amenities or facilities. You should also be alert for any guidelines on vendor restrictions or requirements. 
  • Is there a backup plan? Ask if a contingency plan exists for unforeseen circumstances like bad weather. The right venue should have alternative preparations ready so your special day runs smoothly no matter what. 

Start the path to matrimonial bliss with your wedding venue tour

Now that you know everything you need for a wedding venue tour, you’re ready to start exploring potential locations for your nuptials. Trademark is here to help you chart your course as you set sail toward the perfect wedding. Whether you want to wed in a tropical paradise or tie the knot in a Mediterranean backdrop, we’re here to turn your ideas into reality. Reach out to Trademark today to schedule a tour of any of our unique wedding venues.

Wedding Venue Tour Outfit Ideas